The long lived notion that women are weak is something that is hard for me to swallow! God has bought some charm in just the existence of women. Women have always been the thread that has kept the society as one entity! Imagine a home without a women and it will never be happy. She handle a significant part of responsibility whether it’s about family or an organization. Whether is a mother, a wife, a sister or any other role she plays, her contributions are unparallel. When we go home and doesn’t find our mother we get a very uneasy and stress feeling, even when we know she is around we just want her near all us the time, even if we have no work from her.

There are a number of outstanding qualities that differentiate women from men. Here are some of them that will encourage you to respect every women in your life.

1. she has unparallel power-
she will manage everything from her household to her work to her kids and never complain or make excuse.

2. She understands relationship
The most beautiful thing about any women is her heart, she understand every relationship and is always honest to it, be it a wife, mother, friend or other if you need her, she will always stand by you in your right or wrong phase without judging and always helping you with arguments which are in your favour and solve the hurdles of your life.

3. She love unconditionally
Under any relationship, if she says she loves you, she does. She will love under any circumstances and sometimes even when you treat her wrong. A women, she will do anything to make you happy.

But the most shocking part is she does everything in and beyond her power to make you happy and help you but still she is the one who suffers. Even after uncountable sacrifies she make she listen to the hurtful things, why?

We say women are equal to men which they are but there are areas and fields, where people are still lacking towards understanding her position and role in society and try to overpower them.

Here are a few things we need to understand and implement in our life to give women the life she deserves-

1. Let her participate-
No matter what relationship you share with her, it is your responsibility to let her contribute in all sort of work and not just household.
2. Show your faith
Just by showing that you care and believe in her, she wins!
3. Don’t make her feel timid-
Women is a important part of the nation. She doesn’t only build a family but a nation, the child learn the first lesson from her mother. They learn from observing. Women build the future of our society.