Parull Mahaajan is an Inspiring Versatile Lady who wears many hats at the same time. A Lawyer, Interior Designer specialising in green and sustainable designs , Advisor Delhi Literature Festival and Bharat Niti and Social Activist working closely with the Government for promoting various causes like Environment Conservation, Swachh Bharat, Women Empowerment, Women Menstrual Hygiene to name a few. She also promotes the Indian weavers and artisans by curating events to promote Khadi, Handloom and Indian Handicrafts. In November 2017 Parull curated the Fair Trade Forum Sustainable Fashion Walk with a participation of about 70 countries in NIFT Delhi and made the Ambassadors and Diplomats walk the ramp wearing Indian Handloom Apparel. She recently did a 3 day event in Varanasi in April 2018 where she curated the fashion show, panel discussions and cultural events to promote Banarasi Fabrics from Local to Global with the Eastern Uttar Pradesh Exporters Association and Ambassadors of 12 countries were a part of the event. Parull has recently been made the General Secretary of the Dr APJ Abdul Kalam International Foundation to take forward the Vision 2020 of Dr Kalam.
Parull works with several Embassies in promoting Social Cultural Diplomatic and Economic Relations between India and those countries. Parull has been honoured with several Awards for Excellence in the field of Eco-friendly and Sustainable Interior Designs as well as her Social Service to the Society by many organisations including the United Nations. Her articles keep featuring in many newspapers and magazines and she features on many television shows. To sum up she is not just a lady but an Institution in herself.

Question 1. Recently you hosted a soiree along with Mr H.E Rabie Narsh and Amarjit Bakshi to promotesocial, cultural and economic ties between India , Lebanon and other countries – What were the highlightsfrom the event ?

Answer- I work closely with several Embassies in promoting Social, Cultural and Economic relationship between India and other countries. Being the Chairperson of the Indian-Lebanese Friendship Society I recently hosted a special soiree along with the Ambassador of Lebanon H.E Mr Rabie Narsh and Mr Amarjit Bakshi CMD Central Park to promote social, cultural and economic ties between India, Lebanon and other countries.

Question 2. What is your idea of women empowerment ?

Answer – For me the term Women Empowerment implies Financial, Emotional and Social Independence of Women. It is a state of existence where they can think and act freely as per their own wishes without any undue influence from the society or their male counterparts.

Ques. 3 – You are a Lawyer, Interior Designer and a very inspiring Social Activist. How do you manage all thesetogether ?

Answer – Well for me personally, it is not a difficult or challenging task at all because all these 3 professions of a Lawyer, Interior Designer and Social Activist go hand in hand because the ultimate objective and outcome of all of them is giving it back to the society, serving humanity and contributing towards nation building. As a Lawyer I have always given free legal aid to the poor who cannot afford a Counsel for themselves. As an Interior Designer I specialise in green and sustainable designs which is the need of the hour as the planet is choking with pollution, plastic and depletion of natural resources. As a Social Activist life is all about making a difference in people’s lives for good, bringing a smile on someone’s face and adding value to the lives of people and the society on the whole and serving mankind.

Ques. 4 – You have been honoured with several Achievement Awards and you inspire so many youngsters who want to be like you but what inspired you to be a Social Activist, who is your inspiration in life ?

Answer – My biggest inspiration in life have been my parents because I have always seen them serving people and humanity selflessly. My father has served as an I.A.S officer where I have seen him being available for anyone and everyone in need at whatever given time, he was always there to help them. My mother was also involved closely with the Red Cross in various activities. Growing up in such an atmosphere gave me this inclination to serve at a very young age. Also I’m extremely spiritual and follow Guru ji and that has completely transformed me as a person where I always keep thinking as to how can I thank God for all the abundance that he has showered on me in my life and the only answer I get is by doing good to others and helping others in whichever way I can.

Ques. 5 – How do you use your work to empower yourself and other women?

Answer – As an Activist I work in several areas like Environment Conservation, Women Empowerment, Health Care specially for Women, Promoting Khadi to name a few. How I use my work to empower women is by helping them to be financially independent because when a woman is economically liberated her self confidence and belief in herself and her capabilities increases and that is the true essence of empowerment. As far as I’m concerned I think I’m already empowered with the grace of God.

Ques. 6 – How can the youngsters change the old practice of male dominance and what changes shouldbe made to empower the women of India?

Answer – I personally feel that India as a country has been extremely liberal with respect to women and their empowerment and liberation since ancient times because if we look back at our history and ancient society we will come across practices like the ‘Swayamvara’ where the girl was free to choose a groom for herself from amongst the many suitors who had to complete several tasks and activities to impress her. Then we have so many Goddesses in our mythology and we actually worship them and that’s the ultimate form of respect. We have had brave empowered women like Rani Lakshmi Bai, Rani Ahilya Bat Holkar and many more. Because of the various invasions that our country faced from time to time we became protective about women and that somehow lead to keeping them more confined to home and hence limiting their role and contribution towards the society in general but now again times are changing and women are taking a lead along with men in every field and every aspect of life.

Ques. 7 – What message would you like to give to men and women, girls and boys out there from DIL KIAWAAZ platform on International Women’s Day.

Answer – My message for all the readers on International Women’s Day is that Respect and Acknowledge Women not just on Women’s Day but Everyday. Worshipping Goddess Durga and the ‘Kanjaks’ during the auspicious days of Navratri would be meaningless and get you no benefit if you disrespect women all the round the year. I would like to sum up in Hindi – ‘Saara Ghar Jiska Rini’ woh hai ‘Grihini’ !