Arushi Nishank is an International Kathak exponent, entrepreneur, film Producer and social worker. She continued her studies with MBA and International Business Certification from Metropolitan College, Toronto, Canada. She has done 8 years of “Nishnat” a Specialization certification in Kathak dance form. Currently, she is pursuing her PhD in human resource in India. She is also the chairperson of her own Himalayan Ayurvedic Medical College & Hospital in Dehradun, Uttarakhand.


Arushi has given many renowned international Kathak performances like “Special Yoga & Kathak Concert” in London, “Lecture Recital” Indian Sphere “Graz” in Austria, “BengalischzNacht”, an Indian classical dance in Germany, “Toronto Festival of India” in Canada. Others include “Tarana Dance Concert” and Foreign Delegate Conference in Canada, Indradhanush “Color of India” in Dubai, “Horizon Series” for the Indian Council for Cultural Relations and the Doordarshan Live Concert in Delhi, TajMahotsav in Agra, Khajurahomahotsav, Lucknowmahotsavand a performance at the International Yoga Festival, Rishikesh. She has also composed and choreographed many compositions like “Ganga Avataran”, a story of Goddess Ganga coming to earth,] and “Sajda”, a Sufiyana classical Kathak Dance. Arushi has also worked as a teacher with Spic Macay in teaching students the art of Kathak across India. She has also done many performances under Indian Council for Cultural Relations. She has also been interviewed by the Times of India, News 24 and Doordarshan Group on many occasions. Arushi has also worked in TV advertisements to market PatanjaliYogpeeth. Her first TV advertisement for Patanjali products was aired in 2012 on Aastha TV.Arushi  was fortunate enough to meet and present a Souvenir to Charles, Prince of Wales and Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall on their visit to ParmarthNiketanRishikeshUttarakhand.

Film Producer
As a producer arushi produced her first regional movie named “Major Nirala” in 2018. Film was based on the novel written by her father Dr Ramesh Pokhriyal Nishank. Film received excellent reviews on its launched in different parts of India. She was highly appreciated by many for the film which promoted her state regional language and culture across the global platform.


Arushi has been an active promoter for Namami Gange Mission which is project started by Govt of India to clean river Ganga. Arushi has contributed her first ever Clean Ganga Initiative Kathak performance “Ganga Tujhe Salam” in Dubai, UAE in 2016. This was the world’s first International Clean Ganga Program held outside India to educate NRI’s about the importance of river Ganga and its cleanliness drive. In 2016 itself she has performed Ganga Avatran in Varanasi, Lucknow and Kanpur and won hearts of many audiences. Shri Uma Bharti (Minister of Water Resources, River Development and Ganga Rejuvenation) has appreciated Arushi’s efforts to educate people about the importance of Ganga. Shri SushmaSwaraj (Minister of External Affairs) has also appreciated Arushi for her contribution to this noble cause.Sparsh Ganga Campaign Arushi is also an active promoter of her own “Sparsh Ganga Campaign “. This Campaign was started in 2009 by her father Dr Ramesh Pokhriyal Nishank to promote awareness among people to save and clean River Ganga. Today thousands of people are connected with this campaign to promote Ganga awareness. Recently Govt of India recognized volunteers of Sparsh Ganga Campaign as “Ganga Heroes”.She chaired IES, International Environment Summit and awards with Namami Gange and Environment Ministry of India.


 Arushi has been active in activities aimed at social reforms and programmes for the upliftment and empowerment of women globally. She chaired IWEP (International Women Empowerment Program in Dubai for which she was featured in Forbes Middle for her contribution to social work and women empowerment. Forbes applauded her IWEP International Women Programme about girl power stating Her influence has been phenomenal in the field. She is also active globally to promote “betibachaobetipadhao” a government of India initiative to save Girl Child. Recently she chaired IWES(International Women Empowerment Summit and Awards 2019,New Delhi in association with Women and Child Ministry of India and Sanitation Ministry  of India along with United Nation. UN praised Arushi Nishank efforts and commit to work further together.


Arushi is also a poet. Two of her books on poetry collections, SwargBanaungi and Kamal Mashal Ban Jaye, have been published in India. She has been fortunate enough to meet and present her books to Pratibha Patil, former President of India; Ratan Tata, founder of Tata Group,Anupam Kher, actor; and Mahendra Singh Dhoni, cricketer to present the book.

Awards and Honours

Uttarakhand Gaurav Samman Award,2018 Most Iconic NRI Award, Dubai, 2018 ‘Power Girl’, Forbes Middle East, 2018 Nari Shakti, Dainik Bhaskar award,2018UFA Award,Uttarakhnd film Association 2018Swayamsidha, Being women award,2018Atal MahishiSamaan, Parliament of India,2018AdhiAbadi women excellence award,2018Atal Smriti Samman,2018Young Uttarakhand achievers award,2019
Young Uttarakhand cine Awards,2019Marvellous personality Award,2019YI National Youth Icon Award, 2015Garhwal Post Outstanding Achievement Award, 2016Pride Of Uttarakhand Award, 2017

Ques. 1 – You had recently held IWEP chapter 2 in Delhi. What were the main highlights from the night?

12th Feb 2019, New Delhi: Arushi Nishank, Chairperson, International Women Empowerment Summit & Awards hosted India Chapter of IWES- 2019 At Ashoka Hotel, New Delhi. The Programme was being organized in collaboration with Ministry of Women and Child development, Ministry of Drinking Water & Sanitation, United Nations (UNICEF)   and “ BetiBachaoBetiPadhao Campaign” a flagship programme of our Hon’ble Prime Minister Shri NarenderModiJi. The Chief Guest for the event were Shri. Dhamerdra Pradhan, Ms. Maneka Sanjay Gandhi, Ms. Uma Bharti. The programme was attended by leading women in the field of cinema, literature, health, entrepreneur, philanthropist and house makers-KirronKher, RaveenaTandon, Deana Uppal, P.T Usha, Deepa Malik, Mata Shri ManglaJi, Bachendri Pal, Sushma Seth, Ira Singhal, LaxmiAggrwal to name a few.The prime objective of the event was to bring women on a platform to discuss the issues that are becoming an obstacle for her to realise her full potential. Women’s issues were the limelight of India Chapter of International Women Empowerment Summit & being the Chairperson, International Women Empowerment Summit & Awards, said at the event, “Women empowerment is very close to my heart not only because I am a woman but being a woman I carry responsibility for others and society. Women is such strong pillar in a family, business and in any organisation, she needs a wake up call to know all her capabilities, being from Sarasvati(goddess of wisdom) to Kali(GODESS OF DISTRUCTION). at present where girl child ratio is increasing and women participation is more in different sectors but women safely and economic independence is yet to improve, education in society not only for woman but for a man also required”IWES,1st chapter successfully done in UAE, Dubai last year, were more then 9 countries influential ladies participated for formulating policy for women which later handed over to both UAE and Indian government for any reference for making women policies.

Meneka Gandhi said, “Arushi is a cultural ambassador of india and her efforts are going to create history”

Ques. 2 – What is your idea of women empowerment?

Since my childhood I heard, “Behind every successful man there is a women” and I keep wondering when women is that strong and source of power then why only behind, she must come infront. I believe a woman need to stand for herself and realise her powers.When a woman stand for herself she stand for all women. In my view women is empowered since Vedic era,” Yatranariyastupujyanteramantetatradevta” this is the evidence, the thing is required is to give her a wake up call and remind her all strength.

Ques.3 From a kathak dancer- film producer and a social activist you have achieved a lot at a very young age and have inspired of a lot of people but who inspired you to be who you are today?

My father is my biggest inspiration, he is not only a successful politician but also a great writer. I have seen him working 24* 7, always on his toes. He sleeps only 6 hours and strive hard to make his each moment worth. I have learnt so much from him, how this world is full of opportunities and we need to be always alert to grab a right opportunity at right time. He always realise us that we cant limit our boundaries, life is all about breaking all barriers and reach beyond your expectations. Only you can ensure about your success by determined mind, heart and discipline in life for everything. No matter how far and high we reach in life, attachment with your roots is very important because without ground you can’t stand anywhere.

Ques. 4 – You were the first women from Uttarakhand to be featured in Forbes middle East list – if you can so can other women – what message would you like to give to other women?

Yes, Forbes middle east featured me in their magazine for all my social work.I always dreamed to be in those pages and here I am today so no dream is that big which you cant achieve. just believe in yourself.If you not creating each moment into a step to your goal perhaps you killing it.Make use of each moment. Do not pull strings of your life too hard that it will break neither leave it that loose, which cant create sound of happiness.

Ques. 5 – You are a great dancer and a poet, how do you use them to express and empowerment yourself ?

I am an ICCR(International council for cultural relations) and Doordarshan graded artist. given many renowned international kathak performances like “Special Yoga & Kathak Concert” in London, “Lecture Recital” Indian Sphere “Graz” in Austria, “BengalischzNacht”, an Indian classical dance in Germany, “Toronto Festival of India” in Canada.Doordarshan Live Concert in DelhiTajMahotsav in Agra,Khajurahomahotsav,Lucknowmahotsav and a performance at the International Yoga Festival, Rishikesh. She has also composed and choreographed many compositions like “Ganga Avataran“, a story of Goddess Ganga coming to earth,] and “Sajda“, an Sufiyana classical Kathak Dance.i have also worked as a teacher with Spic Macay in teaching students the art of Kathak across India.

I have performed in more then 15 countries and I am promoter of Namamigange and Sparsh Ganga,where by our dance we make people aware about Ganga cleaning.Shri Uma Bharti (Minister of Water Resources, River Development and Ganga Rejuvenation) has appreciated Arushi’s efforts to educate people about importance of Ganga.Shri SushmaSwaraj (Minister of External Affairs) has also appreciated Arushi for her contribution to this noble cause.Kathak or any art form is a powerful tool to bring a change in society and that’s what I am trying to do.

My pen is another tool to create awareness,Two of my  books on poetry collections, SwargBanaungi and Kamal Mashal Ban Jaye, have been published in India. I  have  been fortunate enough to meet and present her books to PratibhaPatil, former President of India; Ratan Tata, founder of Tata Group,AnupamKher, actor; and Mahendra Singh Dhoni, cricketer to present the book.

Ques. 6 – How can the youngsters change the old practice of make dominance and what changes should be made to empower the women of India

This young generation is full of energy and creative idea, what we need to do just give them a right track.Youngsters are more aware about social issues and shows their involvement in better ways. If you talk about swatch bharatabhiyan,it might older people still continue to throw garbage from car but young generation and kids forbid doing this if it is required they teach to their parents and peer group about this.