Miss Madhuri Verma strongly support women empowerment. She believe that educating women and making them financially independent can make them more confident so that they can contribute in society and family and fully participate in developing process. The Institute, Janki Devi vocational centre is dedicate to all around development of all the student’s academic and professional skills as well as development of personality by giving them opportunities like fashion show, exhibitions, outdoors, workshops, visits to the industry, interaction with the experts from industry and developing entrepreneurship skills.
The academic programme at JDVC is designed according to the need of students and as per the feedback from Industry and Job Market.
They have the best of infrastructure with well-equipped labs and studios with well-qualified faculties. Teaching methodology motivate students to find their strength and make them capable to mark their presence in the industry.

Question 1 – Recently you held the annual fest of Janki devi vocational centre – Sankalan, where an exhibition and fashion show portray their work, what is the thought behind the show ?

Ans – sankalan means a collection, so this was the event by all the departments ( of the institute). We have devided the interview into two parts – one was the exhibition, where the students have designed and developed the product. From this we try to show the audience and other people that the girls can develop a product and contribute in the economy of the world. Because when girls will be given chance, they will be taken seriously. We have recently started having it (sanskalan), the girls were not having economical freedom they were depended on others. When a girl or a women is dependent on others they can’t take their decision but this economic freedom give them the freedom to take few decisions. Even sometimes time when girl or women are earning good money/ salary, they also face problems. So, this was an initiative that they should he economically independent, they should be creative so that they can give their share in the family, then society and then in the economy of the country.


Second part was the fashion show by the fashion department, the students created a few garments, they were not just garments but they were raising their voice for some particular social cause -they have created collections on #METOO, gender equality, Lgbt community. We (teachers) tell them (students) over here that whatever you are doing, utilise that platform to give message to the society.

So fashion designing doesn’t mean glamour and all. A fashion designer has a responsibility to share in society. They can make people aware from their work and that was the aim of the fashion show.

We have also done cultural programme through drama which were dedicated to our marters, harassment towards women, relationship of a father and a daughter because normally we always appreciated mother and somewhere we forget about the role of father , father’s too have their contribution for a child’s development.

All these things were performed because I want my girls to be aware about all these things. They should be aware about their responsibility as well as be aware of their rights. That was the main idea behind the annual fest sankalan’19.


Question 2- In Janki devi vocational centre there are different departments like NPTT, fashion designing, interior designing, media and Many more, how do you manage all the students and staffs progress being the coordinator of the institute?

Ans. ‘If you have the intention to do something and dedicate yourself to do that, you will definitely get results of your hard work’. And when you are putting your honest effort and everything that we do are not just my efforts, this is the team work.

So first I motivate my teachers, so these teacher can motivate students. This is a whole chain and process through which we came up as a team and we get the result out of that.

Question 3 – what is your idea of women empowerment?

Ans. For me women empowerment is a very deep concept. I want the people should take it in a scientific approach, reason being- we say women should be empowered but first we need to find out in which sector she need the empowerment. Talking about women empowerment, is women weak? We have to find out that, is women weak, do we need to empower her or there are few areas where the status of women is weak, so we have to find out the root cause first. So for me, the root cause starts from the birth of the girl child. When you talk about gender inequality, why the radio between girls and boys are not same? Because we have to start changing the thought process from there. The couple who won’t want to have girl child, I am not talking about Delhi or Bombay but their are many areas in India and in world who doesn’t want a girl and if they have four girls they atleast want one boy should be there as well, why? So from there we have to change the mentality. It’s not only a boy who can take care of you even a girl can also take care of you and make you feel proud. People should feel proud to give birth to a girl child. So from there the whole story starts and then you give education to her, I should not say this but in familys bete ko badam khilao, bete toh Chalo kr lege! These are a few things were we need to change the thought process. If we chance one generation automatically the next generation the change is going to be there.

Women empowerment means when the people starts accepting women equal. I am not saying,more than you(men) or less than you(men) but equal to you (men). And that will happen when a female will support a female because mostly what happens, females become jealous of each other so because asking men to appreciate us(women), we need to make our gender (women) more united.

Question 4 – How can the youngsters of India can change the old practice of male dominance and what changes should be made to empower the women?

Ans – that is very important because you know the old generation has a fixed thought process where as the younger generation is ready to experiment and make changes. So we have to motivate them and channelise their energy into the right positivity. That should start from the family only, from family level we should start giving our child this information that there is no difference between girl and boy, you both are equal. So, From there they will start understanding this concept and then they’ll go out they will both respect each other.

Verna Mai humsha ye khte hu, ek din aisa na ajai ki humme boy empowerment ki baat Karni padh jai! Aap ye sekhaie k dono ko equal rights dejia, dono ko barabar bnaie kese ek ko bdha na smjhe. Naari ko Devi Mt bnao, because then men will feel ignored. So we have to teach our children that both are equal and both of them can do anything, equally. When both of them will contribute in society then only we can change the Society and the country.

Question 5 – On valentine’s Day 1000 students in Gujarat took a pledge that they will not marry without the consent of their parents. Section 377 has been legalized in India but still the society is not accepting it. Do you as a teacher accept it and teach your students the same and think that it’s high time for the society to accept it too?

Ans- change is happening and that’s what we should through our collection in sankalan, agar koi gay Hai ya transgender Hai toh usse bhagwan ne aisa he bna k bhja h ushmai ushke koi Galti Nahi Hai. If we can accept girls and boys then we have to accept them too. We give respect we get respect . Agar humme jeene Ka adhikar Hai toh unne apne according jeene ka kyu Nahi? So we have to teach our kids that every gender is same and equal. Aap unke Apne life Apne trha jeene k right ko accept Kare. If you start a chain, agar aap unke haq unse Lete h toh vo badta jaiga or haq ki ladhaie agar start hote h toh vo kha tak jaate h aap jante h. Agar India Mai freedom of speech hai toh vo sab k pass honge chahea. Agar ek ladki ko freedom h jeans pahenne and not wear saare and live life the way they are comfortable and are boy but then why can’t we accept boy wearing saare or suit because they are comfortable in it?

Ye sab phle bhi tha India Mai, raja maharaja k time se hai but phle parde ki peche tha but aaj Bhar hai. Our older generation is sensitive towards it because they believe more and more children will be influenced by the practice but they need to have little more sensitivity regarding it because such practices are being practiced in India for a very long time.

Question 6- what message would you give to girls and boys , men and women on international women’s Day through the platform of Dil Ki Awaaz?

Ans – I would only like to say one thing that one gender should respect the other gender and give equal opportunity. I am not talking about the urban area but in rural areas are there where the women are not given basic respect and are considered below men and a lot happens with them and we can’t say girls are flying planes and doing so much for the world sitting in the cities because there are many place were girls don’t get the basic rights.

So families and younger generation should come forward. Brothers should support their sister if the the family is orthodox. They should stand by their sister and raise voice for the rights of their sister. They all need to support each other and why I am saying this is because agar aap aaj ek ladki ko padhate h usse independent banate h toh aap ek pariwaar ko pdha re h or agar ek pariwaar padh jaiga toh samaj sudhar jaiga.

Because a child learn so much from their mothers – from walking to eating because father’s go out, so if a mother is educated, the education of a child will be good and so will be the values. A mother is a female so she can understand both the genders and cab teach their kids how to respect each other.