PUBG is an online multiplayer battle royale game has gain a lot of attention. You must have seen your kid playing it or people in metro, bus and even in restaurants. The players have become so much addicted to the game that it has become a matter of concern. The game not only has serious mental and physical health issue, it is also taking lives.

Some of the reasons you should be aware of before playing it again –

1. Extreme violence
It is accused o being a violent game, which is why the Chinese government has banned the game from their country. Excessive violence can trigger aggressive thoughts, emotions and behaviour that ultimately effects the mental health of the player.

2. Less social interaction –
Spending the whole day and night playing the game and then you complain you don’t have a relationship, huh? You need to get out interact with people face to face and not behind the screen.

3. Less sleep
The one reason you don’t want to sleep yet is, you might have not got enough chickens for your dinner. And no sleep means, no meeting your crush in dreams kiddo!

4. Bad academic score –

Games are cools and books aren’t , we get it but need more study sessions and less gaming sessions to clear your exams.

5. You forget doing important things –
The more you play, the more you crave to win and you forget about your homework, doing the work your mom asked you to, calling your gf/bf, forgot to pick your sibling and much worse in some cases.