Dogs share our life like most of the other animals can’t. Dogs are friendly and they love human company but it’s not just them but also us human who need friendly paw in our life. I mean who doesn’t want a waggling tail and shiny eyes welcoming you with wet kisses after a long day? The bond we share with our dogs is not understood by non dog lovers and they might roll their eyes seeing us obsessing about our babies but if you have never loved a dog you are missing so much on and even more if a dog haven’t loved you.

There’s a reason why dogs are called ‘humans best friend’. Here are some of the thousand

1.They don’t judge – No matter how you show up in front of them – drunk, covered in sweat or dress look like a maniac they like only curl up next to you and kiss you without any judgement.

2.No mood swings – They have no morning problem or ‘I need coffee first’ issues they are so cheerful all the time and ready to fetch sometimes even in the middle of the night.

3.Perfect companion – You want to go to the hill station – bhao bhao , you want to go to the beach – bhao bhao , walk – bhao bhao , sleep – bhao bhao, movie – bhoa bhao , food – bhao bhaoyou can literally take them anywhere you want , do whatever you want and they’ll never oppose.

4. They can always sense positive and negative vibes from people – they know, they just know the intentions of people around them and they also express it with their humans in their own way.

5. Silence is the best way of communication – if you are sad and just want to lie down, they’ll just do the same. even though they can sense your mood, they’ll wipe your tears but will never question you or judge you but human does. reasons why I trust my dog more than humans.

Dogs will love you unconditionally, protect you and will always be loyal to you. They expect nothing more than a small portion of your candy and chess and place next to you on bed ( to kick you off ). They bring happiness and lot of cuteness in our life, they might not be a part of our whole life but definitely make our life worth.