Nanda Yadav is young Indian actress who works in the TV, Web and Hindi Film Industry.

Nanda Yadav made her debut with the critically Acclaimed international film directed by William Riead, “The Letters” where she played the character of a new postulant Nun. Three years later she did her most notable work as she essayed the role of an Indian Princess in the film “The Hexing” which was directed by Christoper Lenoir. She then featured in the comic series called “Jeeney Bhi Do Yaaro” in 2017. Nanda who was recently seen playing a pivotal role in the much awaited “Why Cheat India” alongside Emraan Hashmi. She is playing the role of Malini Avasthi who is an integral part of Emraan Hashmi’ group and helps him in the process of his mission.

Question 1. What is the secret behind your gorgeous body?
Ans. It might sound very cliché but Early to bed and early to rise helps a lot, also a balanced lifestyle in the form of exercise and good food.

Question 2. How do you manage work and workout?
Ans. When I am working my workout involves lot of yoga and functional exercises because the. I don’t have time to go to gym so I plan a day in a way that I can get some form of exercise during my work only.

Question 3. What is your dream project to work on and with which actor / actress ?
Ans. My dream project would be an action film and with Priyanka Chopra .

Question 5. Holi is almost here share your best Holi experience-
Ans. My best holi experience is from my college days where you just leave your abode with colours and only come back post noon tired exhausted and fully coloured and drenched , you can only see the white teeth , everything else is all in one colour . We used to play holi in groups and visiting friends in groups . Up north in Delhi holi is played like there is no tomorrow. And I loved it .

Question 6. What beauty hacks do you use to keep your skin and hair safe from Holi colours and what advice would you give to the people from the platform of Dil ki Awaaz?

Ans. For hair I prefer to oil my hair and braid it before I leave the house and for skin also I would suggest to moisturise as much as you can with oil because then colour won’t stay on skin or hair and can be washed easily.
One advice that I would like to give is plz don’t put colours on animals , they don’t know about festivals and they are ones getting tortured with lots of colours and noise . So enjoy to fullest , spread love and joy but just spare the animals .