Preeti Sood is an Indian actor who has done films like Revolver Rani. The young and pretty actor is now seen in the film Fraud Saiyyan. The film had an ensemble cast and Preeti was one of them. She stood out in a stellar performance in the film.

Fraud Saiyaan has got an ensemble cast which has seasoned actors such as Arshad Warsi and Saurabh Shukla. The remake of the song “Chamma Chamma has made the film a hot topic in town. We spoke to Preeti and here is what she has to say about the project, “Fraud Saiyyan is one hilarious film which was an amazing experience. Arshad was fantastic to hang out with and Saurabh Sir was just too brilliant in his performance. He is a fantastic human being as well. I thoroughly enjoyed working in the film. I have been getting great reviews for my character and I am really happy about it. I was on a strict diet to prepare for the character and the way it has come out really makes it worth the effort. “
Preeti is quickly moving on to her next and here is what she has to say about it,” I am currently working on my next and it needs a lot of preparation. On one side the review for Fraud Saiyyan is fantastic but I am busy preparing for my next which will be coming soon. So, all in all I am very happy and pleased and I can’t thank the audience enough for their response.
Preeti Sood is not just a great actor but also an amazing human being. She had helped the police to bust a racket of child trafficking recently and was praised for her humanitarian work. While she was entertaining in Fraud Saiyyan, we can’t wait to see her next. We wish her all the best for her upcoming projects.

Question 1. After Fraud Saiyan, what new projects are you working on?

Ans. After Fraud Saiyaan, I have become little choosy. I am doing a very big web series. I am just waiting for it. It’s going to be a big and reputed production house. I am also very busy with my directorial debut as well. I have just finished shooting for a film for kids. I am busy with the post-production of the film.

Question 2. You have worked with great actors in your last movies but who do you wish to work with in the future movies?

Ans. I want to work with all these actors. Somehow I feel that I would love to work with Nawazuddin Siddiqui. I admire him a lot. I am a huge fan. I really want to work with him. He is one of my all-time favorite actors.

Question 3. What type of movies do you look forward to working in?

Ans. I don’t want to get stuck with just one kind of film. I want to explore myself as an actor. So that ways, I would love to do different kinds of cinema be it comedy, women-oriented, horror or maybe some intellectual kind of cinema. I want to keep on exploring myself. I don’t have anything particular in my mind. But at the same time it has to be meaningful as well.

Question 4. In March 2018, you rescued two girls from a sex racket – what according to you what needs to change to stop the involvement of young girls from prostitution?

Ans. First of all, education matters. There is unemployment. When people don’t have sources of income and they don’t know what to do in life they tend to go evil. There are so many things which matter. We have to guide each and everyone in life. There are other things nowadays and prostitution is not the only way to have a livelihood. Thanks to social media, NGOs. There are so many people and NGOs nowadays. When you are in trouble there is help around and people are actually trying to help you. Try to be a little aware. And hence is awareness is very important. We have to bring awareness and teach people in society. And there has to be strict rules and punishment for people who are involved in such activities. Once they know that if they push a minor in such things they would be punished and if we follow that then nobody will dare to do such kind of acts.

Question 5. Holi is almost here, share your best Holi experience –

Ans. I love holi but I am scared of a few things. Sometimes people are typing to take advantage of it. I still remember the holi almost 4-5 years back. I went to different parties. That was the first time we tried bhaang. I was with my sisters and some friends. The kind of food we had. We went to some random party and we finished the entire food there. That was crazy fun and I will always remember this experience of my life.

Question 6. How do you protect your skin and hair from the Holi colors and what tips would you like to share with the people through the platform of Dil Ki Awaaz to protect their skin and hair?

Ans. Yes, Holi is coming but if you want to play Holi take care of yourself. First of all, put mustard oil in hair and in your entire body and go to play Holi. Try to play safe Holi. Use dry and organic colors which are there in the market and be safe and have fun. Take the organic colors and that’s the way to take care of your skin.