There comes a time in every relationship when everything becomes routine. We get so caught up with everyday concerns like earning a living, managing the home that we neglect ourselves and the person we vowed to love and to cherish in sickness and in health. We expect our man to be a wizard in finding new ways to show love to us all the time but when it comes to returning the favour, we just shrug and say ‘men don’t like such thing’. Men with their big egos will never tell us if they want to join us in our spa session or if he just needs us after a rough day at work.

So as much as it is important to love and adore our patterns it is equally important to bring out the best in them, and make them the king they are meant to be. Why do we need to do that? So they will make us the queens we are meant to be.
Pamper a man, you must be joking! That is the standard reaction to such statements, it is misguided. Here is a secret, if your man is an alpha man, he will enjoy being pampered just as much as you do but he will never admit it. Here are some ways to pamper your man so that he stays happy and keeps you happy.

1. Chop some onions and make his favourite meal –
The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. Surprise him at the dinner table with something he loves to eat. You know what he likes to munch the most, don’t you? It doesn’t need to be fancy! You don’t have to make an entire meal for him – just whip up something you know he’ll enjoy.

2. Love Notes
This is also an adorable way to make him miss you more. And damn, aren’t these worth that smile on his face? Whether you want to write it or just text him – tell him how much he truly means to you. Because as much as we, girls want to know how much our gut miss us. Love or compliment us, they do too!

3. Movie night
He watched Disney movies and Gossip Girls with you even though he isn’t a huge fan. So, now that it’s his turn to get pampered, do exactly what he does for you. Watch his favourite movies with him. Show interest in his taste of movies even if it is not your choice of a good entertainment.

4. Hot Shower and much more
Nothing is more relaxing than a hot water shower after a long day at work. The idea of a hot water bath with aromatic oils and the whole equation of you joining in are enough to make him forget about a hectic day. Moreover, you never know where it might take you. If you know what we mean 😉

5. Breakfast In Bed
Nothing can be more soothing for him than the sight of you sitting by his side, smiling, holding a cup of warm coffee. By helping him start his day with a soft approach, you are setting a more relaxed tone for the rest of the day.

6. Get touchy but not like that;)
There are few things in life that can replace good sex but there are also other ways to establish physical intimacy when there is no time for sex. Initiate physical contact with him while doing your everyday activities. Hug him the moment he walks in the door or plant a kiss on his lips when he helps you with the dishes.

7. Plan a romantic holiday
Planning a date is not always the job of the man. Start taking responsibility and for once let him have no idea how the night is going to unfold. Book a table at his favourite restaurant, get tickets to his favourite movie or concert, or plan something utterly romantic like revisiting your first date together. Let him bask in the happy memories with you.
8. Appreciate Him
Telling him how good he is at something will make him feel absolutely great. Appreciating him in person is great but sometimes, just praising him in front of his friends and family is all that is needed to make him feel really good inside.

9 . Take Out Some “We Time”
Let’s be honest. When was the last time you guys spent the day indoors, practically doing nothing, just lounging around but still enjoying? Sometimes it’s okay to change into your pyjamas, and simply Netflix and Chill. Because, why not?
10. Don’t put much efforts
The sweet nothings that you do for him also make him feel pampered. Making his bed or passing him the remote when he is just too lazy to get up from the couch do not require too much effort but may mean a lot to him.

11. Surprise Him
Decorate his room with balloons or with roses and candles because love needs no reason for a celebration. He is special and he doesn’t deserve a gift only on special occasions like birthdays and anniversaries. Make it a habit to surprise each other on random days too.
12. Make His Hobbies yours for a change
Couples who play together, stay together. When you take up hobbies together as a couple, you start enjoying the activity more. If your partner is a huge fan of a sport or a game, spend some time on learning it and surprise him the next time he is on it. You can also ask him to teach you how to play it.
13. Visit Him At Work
Everybody likes surprises. Especially when it’s least expected. If you know he is having a tough day at work, pay him a visit with his favourite flowers or a small gift. This will give the much needed energy boost to the rest of his day. If you can’t make it to his office, get the flowers and the gift delivered.

14. Hang Out With His Friends
If you have been together for quite some time now, chances are that you are already acquainted with his friends. Even if you are not particularly close to them, just small steps to hang out and connect with them will go a long way.

15. Plan A Guys’ Night Out For Him
He may not say this often but as much as he likes hanging out with you, he also wants to go out on man dates with his guy friends. So, the next time you want to do something special for him, plan a night out for him and his guy friends.
16. Suprise Him With Sex
If there’s one thing that can make a man feel pampered the most, it is mind-blowing sex. Dress up for him in your sexiest outfit and indulge in some of his favorite things in bed! Or just try something that you’ve never tried before.