No matter how much makeup or highlighter we use, there is a complete different glow of having a naturally radiant skin. We all wish for a sparkling skin, don’t we? Here are a few tips to keep our skin fresh and young and that will help your skin get that naturally flawless glow from inside

1. SERUM PROTECTION – The air is full of pollutants which damage out skin and our skin lose is original glow every day. We can’t fight the pollution but we can fight for our skin – use a few drops of serum on our skin before you go to sleep and use lotions.

2. NATURAL SKINCARE – We do not like our skin after washing of the makeup because it doesn’t give the highlighter shine but using makeup on daily basis is also not good and the glow of the skin is equally important. Use natural products for the treatment of dull skin to bring back the original glow.

3. FRUIT INVESTMENT – As much fruits that we should eat, we also need to five our face a nice fruit massage. They are filled with minerals and nutrients that help replenish our skin glow. You can either buy the mask or make one yourself at home.

4. DRINK WATER- Water is said to be the key of tackling all skin related problems. The more you drink the more you glow. You should also wash your skin when you come back home.

5. SLEEP – Your beauty sleep is the most important of all the remedies. Our skin needs its rest- 8 hour sleep is recommended so that you get soothe skin. So stop your Netflix and chill and go get your sleep!