From old fashioned foam curls to foil and socks!

We all love styling our hair from curls to straight to waves to curls and what not, but aren’t we all equally upset overusing heating iron on hair? Even our hair are upset and if you think that you cannot get out of your home without heat styling your hair then you are contributing to the problem even more.

If you think using a flat iron or curler will give you hair texture, tame your flyaways or settle down that fuzzy frizz – it will for temporary basis but a permanent damage.
Exposing your hair to heat at a high consistency and constantly causes dryness, breakage and more which heat protectant cant fully protect. Using the protectant before styling can help reduce the effect of the tool but not really help your hair. Whenever you roll you hair around the curler or flat iron it instantly zap the moisture your hair causing damage.
And I understand how important it is to you to style your hair and how pretty you look in those curls but why not consider using the alternatives of hot curlers?

Here are a tricks and steps that can help you achieve curls without any damage-

1. Lazy days? lazy curls!
If you are one of those girls who prefer to look just seeable and not exactly like a showstopper walking down the runway, this hairstyle is perfect for you. You can just to it will cooking, working or just binge walking
Follow the steps –
Start of by pilling your hair up into a ponytail.
STEP 2 –
Separate your hair in small section and spray water, now use your finger or a pencil and wrap your hair around it.
STEP 3 –
Use a clip to secure the curl against your scalp. Do it with all your hair and wait.
Wait till your hair air dry completely, unpin the individual curls and take down your pony tail.
You are ready with gorgeous, bouncy curls without any hassle.

2. Headband waves
If you aren’t a fan of clips and pins or patient enough to wait till curls dry? then this headband technique is perfect for you sice all you need here is a band.
Follow the steps –


In wet hair put band around your hair and section them in two half
Now twist each section away from your face wrapping each twisted section over and under the heas band until you reach the end of your hair.
Use some hairspray to hold everything in place and let your style set. Let your hair down when completely dry.

You are done!

If you want to add some bounce and volume into your strands, this is perfect hairstyle for you. And all you need here are clips, a water spray bottle and a hairspray.

Step 1
Section off your hair into one-inch sections, using a spray bottle to dampen your hair as you go.
Then, loosely wrap individual sections of hair around your middle finger, slide the curl down and secure it with a hair clip. Unlike the previous heatless waves tutorial where you used both your middle and index finger, use your middle finger alone, as this will give you a tighter curl—think of it as though you are using a smaller barrel curling wand.
Repeat all over the rest of your head, ensuring your sections are small enough that the curls won’t fall out of the clips.
Top it off with some hairspray before unravelling your bouncy, long-lasting curls.


With a few hair ties, a comb, a brush, some hairspray, and a spray bottle of water, you can achieve the mermaid waves of your dreams—no heat required.
Step 1
Start off by parting your hair down the middle for this look, spraying your hair with water until it is damp.
Then, divide your hair into two sections and create a regular braid on each side, taking extra care to ensure you are pulling firmly as you work your way down the hair.
Finish off with some hairspray and allow the hair to thoroughly dry before undoing the braids.