Teens need a place of their own where they can grow ,find their individuality and dream. The place is their room but when it comes on decorating their room according to their taste and style, parents clash their plans as they prefer planning how the room ‘need’ to look like . Also they are just trying to save some penny there and design it in a cheap yet classy way. But there’s always a option of meeting mid way.
The house is still yours and you have every right to decide how it should look but also remember it’s their room and plan accordingly. The teen bedroom décor idea can be boring, loud, tacky or they even might a complete black room – don’t judge them and also don’t just listen to what they say, add some accessories and you both are good to go.

Here are a few tips on how you can design your kid’s room and also let them have a room of their taste-

1.Add Color To The Room– choose the color you feel describe your kid the most- colors like red and orange brings energetic vibe and colors like blue , purple, green gives a very cool and relaxing feel to the room. Paint each wall with different shades of same color make the wall behind the bed the most dramatic and bright one and don’t forget about the ceiling.

  1. ADD PATTERNS – Patterns bring more energy in the room. Choose strips, bubbles, honeycomb , geometric figures or graphics depending on who’s room it is – girl or boy . You can keep the color scheme but remember more colors – more energy , less color- less energy.
  2. ORGANISE THE ROOM – The biggest issue every parent has with their kid is ‘messy room’ and no matter how much cleaning you do their stuff is always spread around . offer your kid a way to keep is clutter and mess to a, so that they can enjoy their space and so can you;) baskets for made up and jewelry , hooks attached on wall or inside closets, boxes under the bed or shoes or blankets, hangers – plenty of hangers so they make no excuses , handbags on shelf for stationary .
  3. BED – the bed is the most important piece of furniture in teens room as they do almost all the work there only. Paint the headboard to a contrasting color of the wall. if it’s a girls room then add some inexpensive netting canopy or some traditional bed sheet with some fairy light on the ceiling, throw some pillows with quotes or glitter on it but if it’s a boys room, remember the les you do the more it looks – solid color, less pillows. Put a small side table next to the bed for food and drinks or they might want to keep a dairy, showpiece or an indoor plant.
  4. PERSONAL SPACE – Everybody like to show off their achievements and gifts , build a shelve where they can display things that are important to them.
  5. GETTING READY CORNER – We think that boys doesn’t care about their looks but that isn’t entirely true, the teenage boys wants to look good with their hair done but still you not really need to beautify their getting ready corner a mirror will do just fine but if it’s a girls room you need to add a thing or two. Add a half mirror, table and stool where she can sit and keep with makeup safe and sound because you know – brows before bros !